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Winter is Coming --- LOOK OUT

Fantastic Quality for Low Prices. These are the very best quality silk ties with a full body and depth. These are not skimpy cheap versions!

Hunting Fishing and Country Pursuits

We have a range of Country Ties all in the best quility silk. Each lined and full bodied.
silk ties - cufflinks - links - studs - country ties
Silk Ties Country StyleSilver CufflinksSilk Ties Country Shooting Gundogs Ties
All UK deliveries are free of charge!
Ties OL is the best place to buy on-line for silk ties, neck ties and cufflinks.

New Silk Ties and Cufflinks for Christmas!

Silk Ties and Cufflink Gift Set
Prices start at £10! The above gift set is £38.95 inc delivery!
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Offer of the Week
Silk Tie and Cufflink Set  Black Blue and Pale BlueSilk Tie and Cufflink Set Black Blue and Pale Blue
  • In a Presentation Box
  • 100% Silk Tie
  • Matching Cufflinks
  • Fully Interlined Tie
  • 14.95
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    Silk Tie Orders

    We dispatch our orders normally on the day of receipt in plain packages. Unless the item specifically comes in a presentation box, such as tie sets or cufflinks, we do not provide any expensive packaging. This is to keep our costs and prices low.

    Our silk ties are all of the very best quality from some of the best suppliers around, such as Fox and Chave, Babette Wasserman and HLA.

    Silk Ties are coming back into fashion with bold colours making a personal statement. You can now see just our new range by selecting New Items from the menu on the left hand side. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more new items to this and all our sites, so please visit and browse. Let us know if there is something we don't have but you feel we should.

    All Payments are though PayPal but if you would prefer to send a cheque please feel free to do so. Use our Contact page to advise us that a cheque is on its way so that we can look out for it.

    History of the Tie

    In 113 A.D., one of Rome's greatest Emperors, the military genius Trajan, erected a marble column to commemorate a triumphant victory over the Dacians, who lived in what is now Romania.
    The 2,500 realistic figures on the column sport no less than three different styles of neckwear. These include shorter versions of the modern necktie; cloth wound around the neck and tucked into armor; and knotted kerchiefs reminiscent of cowboy bandannas.

    While Roman orators often wore cloths to keep their throats warm, soldiers did not cover their necks. In fact, writers such as Horace and Seneca said only effeminate men covered their necks.

    For more see the History page.

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